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Protective films and glasses

iPhone screen protectors, what are the advantages

Many of us have had situations of a broken smartphone display, especially the iPhone, the screen in which will be unusable with poor use. And often the screens of our phones with long use are covered with small scratches and patterns that spoil the original appearance of the device. Before buying a phone or when it comes to repairs, we always think about how to protect the display when dropped and in everyday wear. In this article, we will talk about the advantages of both protective glass, which will better protect against a broken display on your smartphone, and a protective film.

About protective glass

We are talking about the so-called glass protector, or simply protective glass. And so, the main task of glass is to keep the display intact. If the phone falls, the protective glass will break, and the touch screen itself will be intact. Then glass replacement will cost you approximately UAH 150-500, display replacement in this case will cost UAH 750-2500, depending on the phone model.

After gluing the glass, neither the sensitivity of the screen, nor the quality of the picture, nor the color rendition will change. Only when sticking frosted glass, the image quality will change slightly. You will not feel the glass itself on your device, its thickness ranges from 0.2 mm to 0.35 mm. There is also no special procedure for gluing glass. We also want to draw your attention to the fact that Iphone 6 is different from previous models of Apple phones. The difference is that the Iphone 6 has rounded edges, and, unfortunately, the protective glass cannot be glued to the entire display. In this case, you can purchase a cover and a bumper that will cover vulnerable spots and this will provide you with full protection.

About protective film

Have you ever had a film on an iPhone? The protective film protects against scratches and scuffs. The price will be from 100 UAH, depending on the quality. After sticking the film, neither the sensitivity of the screen, nor the image quality, nor the color rendition will change either. The thickness of the film is hundredths of a millimeter. The issue of gluing the film needs to be approached more seriously, unlike glass. Sticking a film is not so easy, so you need to be careful and careful not to make a purchase several times. Bottom line, we can say that the film is a cheaper alternative to glass, and if you always hold your device tightly in your hand, feel free to take the film, as this option is simply cheaper.

Important component

Films for iPhones and films for iPads are an important accessory for the display of devices; they hold scratches well, but protective glasses look much more interesting, although they are more expensive, which will save the screen if devices accidentally fall on the ground. Without a doubt, with them the screen will always be more intact and protected than without them. As a result, it is up to you to choose what kind of protection to use for the display of your device, while it is better to think about it in advance.