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AirPods Color headphones - style and reliability in every model

Headphones Apple AirPods Color is a practical solution for owners of "apple gadgets". Stylish, functional wireless accessories are compatible with other modern devices, including computers, laptops, players and smartphones from modern manufacturers. The original AirPods Color is best compatible with Apple technology. This configuration has no wires and comes in a wide variety of colors.


AirPods Color is an original product designed for listening to audio files (music, videos, audio books, etc.). They are compact, easy to use, while listening to music there are no extraneous noises. The key feature is radio signal transmission. The speakers are designed to work without recharging up to 5 hours.

Color AirPods Color is characterized by the presence of:

  • stations for quick recharging (when connected to the power supply, a colored LED indicator lights up, the connection is made using a cable with a Lightning connector);

  • Apple W1 processor, battery, Bluetooth module;

  • accelerometers that recognize movements and voice;

  • AirPods sensors. These are dual directional microphones and optical sensors. They record the moments when the user inserts the device into the ears or pulls it out.

The lower part of the earbuds is decorated with metal edging, the headset has a small grille. The accessory does not fall out of the ears during use, even with sharp turns of the head. The headset automatically stops playing a file when dropped or pulled out. It automatically syncs with iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Macbook, iMac.

Airpods color headphones

Benefits of exclusive accessories

As soon as Apple AirPods Color appeared on the shelves, almost every third owner of “apple technology” wanted to buy them. The high popularity is due to several factors:

  1. The convenience of use. After removing the headphones from the case, they can already be used.

  2. Easy control. The headset itself connects to the flagships, starts and stops broadcasting automatically (when touched or when the headphones are removed).

  3. The battery charge lasts for 5 hours of continuous listening to music (3 hour phone calls).

  4. The presence of the "Hey Siri" function. The option allows you to switch tracks, get directions, answer phone calls and much more.

  5. Charging time is only 15 minutes.

  6. Impeccable clarity and clarity of sound.

  7. Headphones support Live-listening and can instantly switch between devices.

According to a review by our consultants, AirPods Color is a more comfortable wireless option (compared to traditional models). They are firmly held in the ears, do not require additional control. The device is completely autonomous. It quickly replenishes the charge from a miniature docking station (only 15 minutes). In working condition, it instantly connects via Bluetooth and syncs with other Apple gadgets.

Bigmag is a proven supplier of original equipment and accessories

The online store of equipment and accessories offers to buy AirPods Color in any color you like. All models of Apple portable headphones are available on the site. In addition to a wide variety, we offer:

  • professional advice (on issues related to technology);

  • no overpayment (prices for original products are 5–10% lower than the market average);

  • delivery in Ukraine (verified carriers, dispatch daily);

  • convenient methods of payment for goods (prepayment to the card, payment after receipt);

  • only branded certified products (there is no risk of acquiring a fake).

Looking for premium quality headphones? We offer to order AirPods Color. It is the perfect combination of original style, ease of use, reliability and functionality.