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What are headphones for?

At the present time, it is difficult to imagine a person who does not use headphones. Headphones to the phone are used by people of all ages, and especially young people. With their help, users listen to their favorite music while playing sports or being in public transport, it makes it possible to listen to audio books and at the same time do other things.

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The range of headphones is quite large, but not everyone knows how to choose the right accessory. Sometimes for sports, I choose huge on-ear headphones, and with heavy movements I feel discomfort. Often they are completely out of their heads. The fact is that there are several main types: earbuds, monitor, overhead and wireless headphones. Many users do not even suspect that there are global differences. Below we will talk about each type.

Types of headphones

Earbuds - the name comes from the way they are used, that is, putting them in the ear. Often their size is approximately 9-11 mm. In most cases, these headphones are used as a headset for a smartphone. If they do not have a microphone, then it is advisable to use them for an MP3 player. The main advantage is compactness. However, the sound quality is worse than in more bulky versions (closed, overhead, etc.). The small size of the membrane does not allow to reproduce low frequencies at the proper level.

When buying these headphones, you should not expect soundproofing from them. You will hear everything that is happening around you using almost any model of in-ear headphones. The main advantage is the low price, which will please the buyer. They are intended for those who are not whimsical in sound quality and those who do not have vacuum headphones in their ears, but want something compact.

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Vacuum headphones are superior in sound quality to earbuds. The second name of vacuum headphones is plugs. They differ from other types of headphones in silicone, most often replaceable, nozzles and fixation inside the ear canal. Sound isolation in this type of headphones is at a high level. When using them, the sound seems to play inside you, which creates the effect of "immersion". The sound quality will please the buyer, but not all models can boast of it. When buying vacuum headphones, do not try to save a lot, as this can harm the sound quality.

Vacuum headphones are intended for those who are frequent guests of public transport, or live in large, noisy cities. The advantage of these headphones are powerful bass and high-quality sound. Buying headphones from brands such as Apple, Sony, Ceneva, AKG, you will get the maximum quality, but the price will be rather big. If the budget is limited and there is a desire to save money, then buying in the online store you can pick up inexpensive vacuum headphones.

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Monitor (Closed) headphones have rather big dimensions and are put on the head, while the ear is completely closed. Due to the large internal area, the sound quality is higher. Good insulation also affects sound quality. Their only drawback is their large size. Using these headphones outside the home is very inconvenient, but they are not intended for this. Headphones of this type are divided into open and closed. Closed ones are more professional and suitable for sound engineers, but open ones are usually used by music lovers and computer gamers.

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On -ear headphones, unlike monitor headphones, partially cover the ear. It is fair to say that they are analogous to monitor headphones, but without complete isolation. The sound quality is far from monitor headphones, but better than droplets (earbuds). Soundproofing is not ideal, but extraneous noise is especially inaudible. They are held on the head with a special fastening on the headband.

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Wired or wireless?

All headphones are divided into wired and wireless. Wireless headphones have the main advantage - the absence of wires, because the connection to the player or smartphone is via Bluetooth. That is why they can work at some distance from the device with the music being played (often this distance is 10 meters). In some cases, these headphones play music from a memory card that is installed in the headphones themselves. The case of such headphones is installed battery or batteries. Most often, it is these characteristics that tempt you to buy Bluetooth headphones.

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Wireless headphones at first glance seem like a solid plus, but they are not. Their main disadvantage is the battery, which constantly needs to be recharged. For an amateur, this is nothing to worry about, but if you use headphones at work, then you should think about the wired option. Most likely, you have heard that the quality in wireless headphones is lower, but in reality this is not the case. There are many high-quality wireless headphones on the market today, but their price is much higher than that of wired ones with the same characteristics.

Which headphones are better to buy

The main requirement for choosing an earpiece is the type of activity in which the accessory will be used. Next, you need to build on the size and type of headphones you need. Then you need to decide on the sound quality. At the same time, the recommended sensitivity is at least 100 dB, this parameter directly affects the sound volume. At present, there are a large number of headphone manufacturers: JBL, Monster, Beats by Dr. Dre and others. Therefore, for sure you will find the right size and design of headphones. In the case of in-ear headphones, there is one very useful feature. Silicone pads can be changed. Therefore, with discomfort, you can replace the pads with smaller or larger ones. In Ukraine, you can buy headphones of any kind on our website.