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The history of the development of the best computer model in the world

The title of "the best computer model in the world" is not exaggerated at all. Apple specialists managed to create a new generation computer that takes up a minimum of a workplace, but at the same time is as practical as possible to use. It all started in 2006, when the first black and white Macbooks were released. The latter were more popular, and two years later, after weighing all the pros and cons, the designers decided to discontinue black poppies. Probably, after all, they did not lose, because these Apple products have become even more unique - laptops in a perfect, only light design. This tradition was maintained for 8 years. And only in 2015, users saw the new MacBook in two new, unique and unusual colors for this device: Space Gray and Gold.

Every year, for all 9 years, Apple has worked to achieve a new level of excellence with the release of each new model of the MacBook. Processor power, graphics, memory, design - everything has improved every year.

Apple laptops are presented in 3 lines

Macbooks, the story of which is presented above, have become pioneers in the production of computers from Apple.

Macbook Pro are considered laptops that the company positions as a laptop for professional work.

Apple introduced the MacBook Pro Retina in 2008. The model is distinguished by the power of the processor and, of course, the new high-resolution Retina display.

And the latest line of laptops from Apple is the MacBook Air. The first models were introduced in 2008. MacBook Air has been called the thinnest laptop in the world.

Macbook boo: to whom and how to sell?

We all constantly update our MacBooks for various reasons: moral or physical demolition, “tired”, “does not pull a cool new toy”, is required for work and many, many other reasons. The question arises: where to put the old computer? Many people are afraid that no one needs a MacBook Boo and do not want to start the process of selling it, which seems long or even endless.

Turning to us, you can forget about all the nuances of the sale. Our Big Mag online store managers will answer all your questions, evaluate a used MacBook, and within 30 minutes you will be able to collect the entire amount for the laptop. You only need to collect everything that is from the MacBook (box, charger) and come to us. In telephone mode, you can find out the preliminary cost of a laptop, no matter how old it is! With us you can sell at least the first model.

Moreover, you can not only sell or exchange a used MacBook in Kyiv, but also in other cities of Ukraine. Our experts are always happy to help!

Where to buy macbook boo?

In the online store, you can buy a used Macbook, while saving your money and precious time looking for reliable sellers of used Apple equipment. For our part, we can promise you, first of all, the quality of used laptops: all equipment for sale is carefully checked by specialists.

The Apple Big Mag hardware store offers to buy a used MacBook in Kyiv or Kharkov, where you can personally visit our office and evaluate the product, as well as throughout Ukraine on the website of the online store