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iPhone X (10) used

Is it worth buying a BU?

Surely, many smartphone users know that when buying used Apple equipment, there is a risk of encountering a low-quality product. That is why it is worth buying from trusted sellers. On our site you can buy an iPhone X used in a fully functional condition. The price of the new flagship is quite considerable, so some users prefer to wait a bit and buy a novelty from their hands. Buying a used iPhone 10 on our website, you will receive:
  • Fully working flagship;
  • External condition is close to ideal;
  • Low price;
  • Full set.

If you want to have a quality gadget, but the budget is limited, you can always buy a used iPhone. We have collected the most basic criteria that you need to pay attention to when buying a used phone:

We can talk forever about the prestige of the iPhone X, but we will highlight the most unique aspects of this smartphone. Specifications and premium appearance, we will describe below.

Design iPhone X 64 Gb Silver

Apple decided to revive the respect for glass and steel. It is from these materials that the flagship body consists. Recall that earlier models of the iPhone 4/4S have already used such materials. But to compare the "top ten" with the past is impossible. The new flagship has better glass and hardened surgical steel. The back panel of the iPhone X used is completely glass and is made in Silver color. The mother-of-pearl color of the panel goes very well with the steel frame. All ends of the flagship are framed with greasy frame. Polished steel will take on minor scratches and even after six months of using a smartphone, scuffs will not occur. In the event of numerous scratches, the steel frame can be polished to restore its original appearance.

Display iPhone X used

Even in the iPhone X, the user will fully enjoy the color scheme. Black colors are really black. Regardless of the brightness level of the display, blacks do not take on a blue-gray tint. The contrast combination of light and dark fragments is comparable to the contrast in real life. Using black wallpaper, the smartphone display seems to merge with the frames and create an infinity effect. The screen diagonal is 5.8 inches, and its resolution is 2436 × 1125 pixels. High definition and sharpness of the picture provides Retina HD display. If you like watching video content on your smartphone, then you should buy an iPhone X used in Kyiv. Since watching the video in 2K quality, the user will consider absolutely all the details. For better text readability, Apple has used a completely new technology. All images are automatically enhanced and text is smoothed. Thanks to this technology, the picture always looks solid and clear.

Face ID protection

Buying a used iPhone 10, the user will be able to unlock the smartphone just by looking at it. Apple has made a breakthrough with its new device unlock technology. Face ID is based on two cameras and two sensors. When setting up Face ID, the cameras read the user's face, and one of the sensors projects a large number of invisible dots onto the face. After processing, the data is sent to the built-in A11 Bionic processor module. Even putting on a hat or growing a beard, the flagship still recognizes the owner. In conditions of complete darkness, an infrared camera is connected to Face ID, which helps to identify the face. A three-dimensional model of the face remains in the internal memory of the smartphone, so unlocking with a photo will not work. Throughout the entire period of use, the flagship will complement the existing model of the face. This applies when the user is wearing glasses or other accessory. In such cases, the smartphone will ask you to enter a password to unlock it, but then it will recognize the user in any guise.

Specifications iPhone X 64 Gb Silver

This iPhone 10 Boo has 64 GB of built-in internal memory. Responsible for high performance six-core processor Apple A11 Bionic, operating at a frequency of 2100 GHz. The front camera has a 12 MP module with 10X digital zoom. The front camera is equipped with a 7 megapixel module with a Retina Flash. The volume of the rechargeable Li-Ion battery is 2716 mAh. This capacity is enough for 21 hours of uninterrupted talk in GSM mode. The flagship supports the fast charging function. In 30 minutes, the battery will be charged by 50%. The overall dimensions of the smartphone are 143.6x70.9x7.7 mm. The weight of the device is 174 grams.


Buying a used iPhone X used on our website, you do not risk anything. You will have an absolutely working flagship at your disposal. His condition is close to ideal. And all this for a very small amount. You will not have to regret this purchase, since Apple took into account all the needs of its users when creating this model. iPhone X will suit absolutely anyone, regardless of their views and interests.