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used iPhone 8 Plus

Your attention is presented to the iPhone 8 Plus bu, yes, it was already in use, but this does not set off its power, conciseness, and much more. Buying used goods is one of the best options for the middle-wage consumer who can't afford a new smartphone. After all, in this way you can get a branded item at an affordable price. And do not be afraid that the phone can crumble at any moment, as Apple manufacturers produce high-quality assembly products. And now we will try to prove it, well, let's take a closer look at the iPhone 8 Plus boo.
If you want to have a quality gadget, but the budget is limited, you can always buy a used iPhone. We have collected the most basic criteria that you need to pay attention to when buying a used phone:


The company has stuck to the traditional design of its smartphones for years, and the iPhone 8 Plus is no exception. In fact, this is an enlarged version of the iPhone 8, the dimensions of the iPhone 8 Plus have grown slightly compared to the 7 Plus, and are 158.4x78.1x7.5 mm versus 158.2x77.9x7.3 mm, the same design, the same glass back panel , the mechanical button is still a fingerprint scanner. The remaining auxiliary keys, volume control, blocking, remained in their usual places. The phone is characterized by such tendency as water resistance, the phone can be lowered to a depth of a meter, but still it is advised not to get carried away with this feature. The color of the iPhone 8 Plus will be varied, namely:
  • Silver-silver;
  • Gold-gold;
  • Space Gray - gray space.


The iPhone 8 Plus uses a 5.5-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Thus, the picture is saturated with colors that are not sharp for the eyes, which in turn are close to natural shades. The display itself is covered with a protective anti-reflective glass, and in bright light you won't have to strain to see anything. With all these characteristics, fingerprints practically do not remain on the glass, and they can also be easily removed. In comparison with 7 Plus, the screen of this phone model has not changed, but in colors it has become a little brighter.


The heart of our iPhone 8 Plus is Apple's new A11 Bionic processor. Today it is a 6-core chip. Thanks to this data, the iPhone 8 Plus can easily perform many different tasks, such as watching movies in HD quality and higher, listening to music, and playing augmented reality games. An auxiliary element in the smartphone is 3 GB of RAM, and built-in 64 or 256 GB. This amount is sufficient for a large amount of materials.

Camera iPhone 8 Plus used

The company has not changed not only the location of the cameras, but also their characteristics. The 8 Plus uses a dual 12-megapixel camera system: wide-angle with f/1.8 aperture and telephoto with f/2.8 aperture. The pictures are first-class and can almost be compared with professional ones. Even in poor lighting conditions, photos will be clear and decent. Thus, the pictures from the iPhone 8 Plus have become much clearer and brighter. At the same time, there is no particular difference in details compared to the iPhone 7 Plus; in this model, more emphasis is placed on software. The front camera is 7 megapixels, and in comparison with the iPhone 8 Plus, the characteristics have not changed.


The capacity of the built-in battery in the iPhone 8 Plus is 2675 mAh, this battery provides long-term operation of the smartphone. Charging the device has become much easier and faster thanks to the Qi standard induction charging. Working time up to 21 hours in talk mode, when watching a video, the phone will work up to 14 hours, but you can enjoy music up to 60 hours.


To summarize, we told you about all the advantages of the iPhone 8 Plus bu, but the bu is no different from the new iPhone. It is still powerful, productive, beautiful in its design. The most important thing to note is that when buying an iPhone 8 Plus used in Kyiv, it is worth carefully inspecting the gadget for scratches and malfunctioning of the device. We also advise you to get protection for your phone so that it can serve you for more than one year. If you decide to buy a used phone, but are not sure about the choice, you can easily consult in any electronics store, or directly on our website. You can also place an order with delivery with guarantees from 14 days to 12 months.