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Apple never ceases to amaze us with its high-tech smartphones. But of course, for this it requires a considerable price, so many cannot purchase a phone from an “apple” corporation. But even in such a situation, there is a way out, you can buy a top model already in a used state. Because iPhone manufacturers make quality products, so if you buy a used device, you won't be disappointed. Your attention is presented to the iPhone 7 boo, we will tell you a little why it is profitable to take such equipment.

If you want to have a quality gadget, but the budget is limited, you can always buy a used iPhone. We have collected the most basic criteria that you need to pay attention to when buying a used phone:


iPhone 7 will be laconic in design, has several color options, golden, black, silver, pink. The model itself is very versatile, harmonizes well both in the office and business style, and in everyday life. Pleasant to the touch and does not slip in your palm. However, although the device is firmly assembled, it is still worth getting protection for the phone so as not to get scratches and other damage. But basically the design is unchanged from the iPhone 6, all the function buttons are the same as in previous models, and the “Home” key is still touch-sensitive.
The color scheme of the iPhone 7 is different, but basically it is:
Space Gray - gray space.

Display iPhone 7 used

You should not look that the phone was in use. The display still works great. Diagonal 4.7 inches, IPS-matrix with a resolution of 1134 × 750, these are the standard parameters for today. The screen is made of anti-reflective and durable glass, but again, it is worth stocking up on protection for the display. The image quality itself is very good, high color reproduction is saturated with brightness and contrast, all shades are close to naturalness. There is another plus, in the bright sun on the street, the picture on the screen will be clearly visible to our eyes, and there are practically no fingerprints on the glass.


The camera on the iPhone 7 Boo from Apple has optical stabilization, so when shooting, you can take pictures in motion. The main camera is 12 megapixels (3840x2160 pixels), and the front camera is 7 megapixels, which is also typical for modern gadget models. Photos almost turn out professional, and in low light the picture will be decent, thanks to the LED flash with 4 LEDs and a large aperture. In general, such a camera will please photo lovers.


The iPhone 7, powered by the new Apple A10 Fusion SoC, is just as powerful and fast as its brothers. You can easily do whatever you want, like watching movies, listening to music and playing good games easily. 2 GB of RAM is enough for such materials. And despite the fact that the iphone 7 is used, it still pleases with its performance, as the Apple developers make high-quality products, and it will serve you for more than one year.

iPhone 7 autonomy

The lithium-polymer battery continues to delight us with its work, as it allows the phone to work for a day with moderate use, namely: in talk mode - up to 14 hours; in standby mode - up to 10 days; listening to music - up to 40 hours; video viewing - up to 13 hours. It is true that such a battery is non-removable, which can make it difficult to replace in case of damage.


Well, we tried to demonstrate to you that even if the iPhone 7 is boo, it will still be able to give you pleasure. Starting with the fact that it has an acceptable price, and the brand of the phone is global, you can already be tempted to buy. But before taking a used gadget, you should examine it well, and only then purchase a phone. The smartphone is still in good condition and works perfectly. You can buy an iPhone 7 bu in Kyiv at any electronics store, or you can make it much easier, order directly on our website with delivery. We provide good quality service and guarantee up to 12 months.