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used iPhone 11 Pro Max

The best brand at an affordable price is a reality

Apple developers have always tried to keep their products ahead of other prestigious brands, and they succeeded. The iPhone 11 Pro Max smartphone, which entered the market in September 2019, was proof of this. The device combines elegant design and versatility, introduced the latest generation of machine learning technologies. For many users, the stumbling block is the price, but this can be bypassed. It is enough to buy an iPhone 11 Pro Max used.

The offer makes sense since the model came out recently. Samples with a strong violation of hardware or software functions are currently few. For a purchase, contact a reliable store where they will not sell low-quality equipment. One of these is BigMag. Here they specialize in digital products from Apple and other brands, including used ones.

Category Description

If you want to have a quality gadget, but the budget is limited, you can always buy a used iPhone. We have collected the most basic criteria that you need to pay attention to when buying a used phone:

The manufacturer consistently adheres to the rule of making smartphones with a beautiful design. The iPhone 11 Pro Max comes in a variety of colors. There are versions: dark green, space gray, with a combination of shades of gold and silver. Accordingly, in such colors you can find a phone bu. The rear panel of the case with rounded edges is decorated with a corporate logo. The triple camera and sensors are also compactly placed there.

The front part is occupied by a screen with a coating that prevents pollution. The display is equipped with a Super Retina XDR matrix, which guarantees a good image reproduction, taking into account all colors. Its resolution is 2688x1242 pixels. The brightness of the picture is adjustable, it will be clear even on a sunny day. iPhone 11 Pro Max Bu is protected by durable glass, tempered in a special way. The filling of the smartphone is difficult to damage, even if you accidentally drop it. The case is sealed, protected from dust and moisture.


The following elements are responsible for the functioning of the iPhone 11 Pro Max:

  • operating system iOS 13;

  • six-core processor Apple A13 Bionic, which uses artificial intelligence;

  • RAM with 4 or 6 GB of storage.

The non-removable battery allows the phone to work offline during the day. If the energy is used up earlier, the phone has a technology for quickly replenishing it. The model can be recharged without wires. This is provided by QI technology. The device allows you to access the Internet via WiFi, supports communication standards:

  • GPRS;

  • EDGE;

  • 3G;

  • 4G.

You can exchange files between devices via Bluetooth 5 generation. Owners of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, including used ones, have access to GPS navigation with support for A-GPS, GPRS, GLONASS.

File storage features

You can choose iPhone 11 Pro Max with different memory sizes: 64, 256, 512 GB. This allows you to store photos, videos (and even movies), music files in your phone for a long time. We recommend that you consider the amount of disk space used before purchasing, as there is no slot for installing additional memory.

A find for creative people

Each triple camera lens on the iPhone 11 Pro Max is equipped with a 12-pixel sensor and a host of features to help you capture the perfect photo. The system consists of elements:

  1. Wide angle camera. Its focal length is 26 mm, equipped with an aperture of f1 / 8, a lens of six lenses. It has optical image stabilization, the Focus Pixels function is supported.

  2. Ultra wide camera. The focal length is 13 mm, the aperture is f2 / 4, the module includes a five-lens lens in the design.

  3. Telephoto camera. The element is characterized by a focal length of 52 mm. Equipped with f2/0 aperture, image stabilization function, six-element lens.

The 120° ultra-wide field of view module allows you to maximize coverage of the shooting area, and no detail is left unattended. In turn, the telephoto camera of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, even if you have a used phone, allows you to take realistic photos at a short distance.

A 4x zoom is used for both zooming in and out. You can shoot studio-quality portraits with varying lighting effects. It is realistic to capture a person in black and white, and the picture will not differ from a professional one. Image stabilization is aided by Smart HDR technology. With the help of the iPhone 11 Pro Max camera, it is possible to get high-quality photos taken in night mode.

If you often take selfies or have mastered slow-fi, you will appreciate the 12 MP True Depth front camera. Thanks to the settings, you can take pictures not only of yourself, but also of friends. Shoot 4K video with high quality sound! This feature is provided both on the main and on the front camera. Owners of the device have access to slow motion. An instant transition between photo and video modes is carried out by the Quick Take function.

Additional features

As a rule, on the iPhone 11 of the Pro Max line, the functions inherent in the new device will be retained. Additional options include:

  • accelerometer;

  • barometer;

  • gyroscope;

  • outdoor proximity and lighting sensors.

User recognition is carried out using the Face ID function, which will securely save your data. The Neural Engine system contributes to increased performance, allowing you to play even resource-intensive games.

Bargain Zone

Used iPhone 11 Pro Max smartphones in the BigMag online store are checked and sold in working condition. You can buy a one-year extended warranty. If during the period the smartphone fails, we will repair it. We take care of the costs and the search for spare parts.

Delivery in Ukraine is carried out by "Nova Poshta". In Kyiv, you can use the services of a courier. He will deliver the goods to your address. In this case, you will need to make a full prepayment. There is a possibility of self-delivery from traditional BigMag stores. To do this, the goods are reserved, and you make an advance payment. It is 10% of the order value. The same amount of prepayment is required if you pick up the goods by cash on delivery.