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If you have an iPhone 5 or higher, we recommend trying Apple's latest smartwatch, the Apple Watch. Some consider such a device a breakthrough in the field of electronics, others argue that in such a new type of watch there is nothing in common with watches at all, since many additional functions completely overlap the main one - a banal time display. For those who are ready to test this gadget for the first time and save money at the same time, our online store has a great offer - a used Apple Watch.

Is there something to choose from?

The Apple Watch is as practical, comfortable and stylish as ever. If we turn to the history of the creation of "smart watches", then initially Apple developed three versions of the model, as they say, for every taste.
one) Watch Sport with aluminum case,
2) Watch with stainless steel case,
3) Watch Edition - gold case.
We suggest you buy a used Apple Watch Sport, a model that is ideal for both everyday use and training (as you can guess from the name itself). In addition, the price of this particular model is more than reasonable!

More about the model

Apple Watch Sport has a display size of 42 mm with a resolution of 312 * 390 pixels. This is quite enough for the picture to be bright even in daylight, and the view to remain clear from different angles. Sapphire glass protects against scratches, so even Apple Watch Boo does not lose its presentable appearance.
And in active mode, the watch works up to 18 hours without recharging, all thanks to the built-in 205 mAh battery. The good news is that in the event of a complete depletion of the battery, the watch goes into Power Reserve mode - all functions are disabled, and the time display continues to work up to 72 hours!
Especially for Apple Watch, Apple employees have developed a unique platform with the S1 processor. The built-in memory capacity of 8 GB allows you to work not only with applications, but also with images and music, for which a separate amount of memory is allocated. Boo Apple Watch works without "glitches" and failures in the system, you can see for yourself!

5 chips Apple Watch Sport

one. Strap without clasp. Boo Apple Watch to hold tightly on the hand thanks to the magnet that fixes the silicone strap.
2. Pulse measurement sensor. On the inside of the Apple Watch case is a heart rate and activity sensor. This chip is ideal for sports, and over time, the high accuracy of the measurement does not disappear. Therefore, there is no reason to worry when buying a used Apple Watch.
3. Waterproof. The developers of the smart device have introduced an IPX7 system into it, which allows you to stay under water for up to half an hour at a depth of up to 1 meter!
Of course, we do not recommend specifically checking such exposure in practice, but we guarantee that your Apple Watch will not fail after a shower (if you forgot to take it off) or regular hand washing!
4. watch faces. This function allows you to change the screen with a dial, design for every taste! Ideal for those who love variety in life.
5. Password. Like any gadget, Apple Watch is also equipped with a security system. You can synchronize protection with the iPhone, then the watch will be blocked along with the phone. Another option is to put a password on the watch separately. This will be a four-digit code that must be entered if the watch is not on the wrist.
Bu Apple Watch is a smart solution for modern people!