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used iPhone 13 Pro

Used iPhone 13 Pro - what you should know about the device

Fans of modern technology have already become accustomed to the innovativeness of gadgets from Apple. But then the brand made an offer that would be very difficult to refuse - this is the iPhone 13 Pro. However, the price of this device is quite high, but we are ready to offer you a solution, namely to order the much-desired but used iPhone 13 Pro.

What is unique about Apple's flagship?

Buying a used iPhone 13 PRO is worth it not only because this event guarantees you an economic benefit, but also because of its unique features.

We will not talk about it for a long time, but list these points:

  • Original design that is recognizable at first sight;
  • The most convenient use;
  • The color of the case corresponds to current trends;
  • In terms of technology, there is only what is needed - this is an important advantage for such a device;
  • Just a huge amount of memory.

By the way, selfie lovers note that the camera here is very high quality. Do not ignore the fact that the possession of such a gadget will automatically rank you in the unspoken club of those who have an expensive and technically advanced smartphone. If you want to know more about the technical characteristics of this gadget, then we advise you to stay with us and read the article to the end.

iPhone design

If you consciously choose a used Apple iPhone 13 Pro, then you should know that you should not expect any special differences from previous models of this brand. The case is made of metal alloy, which is pleasant to feel tactile. There is a stylish addition in the form of tempered glass panels, the purpose of using such a design detail is to protect the gadget from scratches.

The model is made in the four most popular colors, namely:

  • Graphite;
  • Light silver;
  • Golden;
  • Sky blue.

What can be said about the display?

The display of this flagship has broken several records - the size, quality and brightness of the picture, the smoothness of the frame change. It will also please that this iPhone guarantees high color accuracy, contrast with a low screen reflection rate. Due to this, the device will be convenient to use outdoors in sunlight.

The display for this smartphone is manufactured by Samsung. The brand released this part called Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion. According to technical features, it is an OLED panel, which was created using LTPO technology.

Brief description of the camera

Buying a used iPhone 13 Pro is also worth it because this flagship has an excellent camera. The main camera consists of three modules with Sony sensors. The front camera is identical in characteristics to the previous model.

About the main block of cameras can be noted:

  • Focusing at a distance of 26, 77 and 13 mm;
  • Aperture F/1.5;
  • The presence of optical image stabilization;
  • Lens with 7 lenses made of 7P standard plastic.

What do you need to know about the processor?

To give its fans the best experience, the developers of this flagship have installed a more powerful GPU that runs on the Apple A15 Bionic platform. It has a couple of cores with high performance, and four more serve as a source of efficiency.

In general, there is an increase in efficiency up to 30% when compared with similar smartphones from other manufacturers. The significant performance is partly a result of the support for the ProRes codec.

About autonomy

The favorable price of a used iPhone 13 Pro can be one of the attractive points that have become a reason to make a purchase. It is also worth noting that this smartphone has a fairly tenacious battery. Compared with the previous model, the battery capacity is increased by 9%, and the rate is 3095 mAh.

Tests conducted by the developers have shown that this smartphone will be able to work autonomously for about 10 hours before being completely discharged. It is worth noting that this is the best result in the history of mobile gadgets of this brand.

Why buy from us?

If you want to buy a used iPhone 13 Pro , then you should consider our offer.

From ourselves, we guarantee to each of our clients:

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