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iPhone 13 used - a dream at a bargain price

Not so long ago, sales of a new device from Apple started in the world - the iPhone 13 model. Almost from the first moments, this gadget has become the dream of many. If you are no exception and have long dreamed of becoming the owner of this smartphone, then we advise you to consider the benefits of our offer, thanks to which you can buy a used iPhone 13.

What is the uniqueness of new products from Apple?

Why is everyone so eager to buy a used iPhone 13 or a new one? It's no secret that flagships from this brand are distinguished by advanced functionality and the presence of a lot of additional features. Regarding this particular model, the following can be noted:

  • The most noticeable is the stylish design, which is not considered news, since all flagships from Apple have a stylish and recognizable appearance;
  • A fairly large screen that will allow you to comfortably watch your favorite movies. By the way, the picture is also excellent;
  • Metal body that is just nice to hold in your hands (remember that it is a bit slippery);
  • The functionality is built on the principle of "nothing more", but many (including us) consider this an advantage;
  • Serious amount of storage - now you will not delete everything to free up memory for new data.

Do not forget about the cameras, which are almost always good on iPhones. This device is 100% equipped with cameras that can improve the quality of your pictures by an order of magnitude. But enough talking spatially, it is wiser to move on to more specific details.

Briefly about design

This iPhone model is mainly attracted by its design - a rather massive body, precise lines, pleasant texture. However, experts cannot note any particularly striking changes, since the design of all smartphones of this brand is very similar.

The thirteenth in the basic version is available in five primary colors:

  • Pink;
  • Blue;
  • "Shining star";
  • Red;
  • "Dark night".

Display characteristic

The screen size of the used iPhone 13 is 6.1 inches, which is pretty good. Such a device is quite comfortable to hold in your hand, use as a monitor while watching a video, etc. It is important that the screen has a reliable ceramic protection.

Sensor type, as in earlier models, capacitive multi-touch. The response quality is excellent and smooth. Regarding the picture, there will be no complaints either, since the manufacturer tried to ensure that the color reproduction and contrast were as close to realistic as possible. In many ways, the picture quality is a merit of the improved Super Retina XDR OLED display.

Camera features

If you like to shoot videos and don't miss the opportunity to take a selfie with friends, then you will definitely like the cameras on this smartphone. The camera block that is installed on this device is said to be the most perfect. A pair of lenses placed diagonally captures 47% more light, which can significantly improve the quality of the photo.

The user will also have the opportunity to practice cameramanship, since they will have a fairly wide functionality and a lot of shooting modes in their hands. There is also the possibility of multi-level image processing.

Processor Feature

The used iPhone 13 device you want to buy has a rather mediocre processor in terms of performance, but its power is slightly increased compared to previous models. The basic version has a 4-core processor.

The platform used across the entire lineup, the Apple A15 Bionic, is stable even with only 4 cores. In general, using this gadget will be quite comfortable.

Battery Capabilities

Used Apple iPhone 13, according to the conclusions of numerous tests, will delight its users with longer battery life. Such an achievement should be considered important and worthy of attention, since this was not a characteristic feature, much less an advantage, of these devices. The smartphone can work for about 10 hours in active mode.

Such a significant plus was achieved through the use of a battery with an increased capacity, and this figure is 3095 mA / h.

Why buy an iPhone from us?

Everyone knows that the most attractive point in buying a used iPhone 13 is the price, since the amount is much lower than the cost of buying a new device. But it is also important to make the right choice of a seller who can give reliable guarantees.

Our store not only offers you to order a used iPhone 13 at the most favorable price, but also provides a number of advantages:

  • We only have technically sound goods;
  • We have sufficient experience and a large audience;
  • The site presents the widest range of products;
  • Our representative is ready to assist you in choosing and answer all your questions.

You can verify all this personally by leaving a request on the site or by dialing our contact number.