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used iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is by far the best smartphone in Apple's lineup. This is a next generation model that opens up access to the unlimited possibilities of advanced technologies. It supports 5G, has a Pro-level camera system, updated graphics and augmented reality software, a powerful processor, wireless charger compatibility, and more.

Lightweight and durable body made of surgical grade stainless steel. Tightness corresponds to the level of IP68 and allows you to withstand thirty-minute immersion to a depth of six meters without damage. Therefore, the smartphone cannot be damaged by accidentally spilled liquid or getting into a container of water.

The screen of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max uses a specially designed ceramic coating. This increases drop protection by a factor of four, but does not affect sensor sensitivity.

The new model has many advantages over analogues, and choosing a smartphone in the used category will significantly save on the purchase.


You can buy iPhone 12 pro max in four primary colors: Gold, Pacific Blue, Silver, Graphite.

Ergonomic body with elegant clear edges is pleasant to the touch and comfortable for use in everyday life.

In the manufacture of the front panel, ceramic nanocrystals are embedded in the glass matrix, which significantly increases the strength of the screen with an impressive diagonal of 6.7 inches.

The material of the back panel is carefully crafted frosted glass.


The display of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the largest among iPhone displays. The new OLED screen has improved color reproduction and optimized energy consumption. Super Retina XDR technology provides system-wide color management and increased resolution (approx. 3.5 million pixels).

In iphone 12 pro max, the price is justified by numerous advanced features. For example, support for HDR video has appeared, during which the display is capable of delivering brightness up to 1200 cd / m². The increased screen contrast guarantees a vibrant full color image even in bright sunlight.

Camera system

The iPhone 12 Pro Max uses an advanced triple camera system. One of them is a wide-angle seven-lens lens with increased light sensitivity and a 47% larger sensor. It improves the quality of shooting in low light by almost a factor of two.

Another, ultra-wide-angle camera, gives a viewing angle of up to 120 degrees. With it, you can create great photos of landscapes, or fit in the frame as much as possible in a limited shooting space.

The third lens is a telephoto camera with a focal length of 65 mm. In a system with other cameras, it provides a 5x optical zoom.

Thanks to a powerful processor, the cameras now have new night mode and image processing technologies. Texture, brightness, color reproduction, and detail have been optimized for unique, professional-quality footage.

The iPhone 12 pro max is also worth buying for creating amazing video content. For the first time, HDR video recording is available in Dolby Vision (up to 60 frames per second). Improved stabilization, synchronous grading during shooting, clarity and smoothness of the image turn amateur videos into real films.


The iPhone 12 pro max is the first to feature the powerful 6-core A14 Bionic processor, built with efficient cutting-edge technology. Its computing and graphics performance is almost half that of other smartphones. In addition to the unlimited possibilities of digital shooting, this processor also provides an amazing level of gaming experience, comparable to specialized consoles.

At the same time, 11 trillion operations that it performs per second consume energy economically, which allows the device to work for a long time on a single charge (up to 17 hours of video playback and up to 65 hours of sound).

iPhone 12 pro max is compatible with MagSafe accessories for fast and efficient wireless charging. However, standard chargers from Apple are also supported. The smartphone is capable of working autonomously for dozens of hours, and when connected to the network, quickly restore the charge: up to 50% in half an hour when using an adapter with a power of 20 W or higher.


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