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used iPhone 12 Mini

General information about used iPhone 12 Mini

i Phone 12 mini BU combines original design with the latest technology from Apple. Its characteristics are significantly improved in comparison with previous models. The advanced features of this device, the variety of colors has exceeded the expectations of fans. The smartphone proved to be excellent in operation, as a reliable, stable multifunctional device. It has a thinner body, is light and compact, and has the same processor and display as the older model. In general, this is a full-fledged flagship smartphone with a diagonal of 5.5 inches. Its dimensions are 135 mm × 64 mm × 7.4 mm. It fits easily in a woman's palm.

iPhone design

The manufacturing company, as in earlier models, has retained the original design of the device with flat edges, beloved by users. The body of the device is made of aluminum used in the aerospace industry.

A pple i Phone 12 mini CU can be made in one of the following colors:

  • red;
  • black;
  • white;
  • green;
  • blue.


Its diagonalis 5.4 inches, which is quite enough for a relatively comfortable viewing of various content. The minimization of the device was achieved by reducing the frames, therefore, despite its small size, its functionality and capabilities are impressive. It is made on the basis of the Super Retina XDR matrix, which differs:

  • chic color reproduction;
  • the presence of True Tone technology;
  • huge resolution for its size - 2340 × 1080 pixels.

We will also please the owner with a sufficiently high level of brightness, which allows using the device without discomfort in a lit room or on a sunny day.

Special Ceramic Shield coating and a strong front panel protect against impact loads. The risk of damage to the device is reduced by as much as 4 times. Special double ion exchange technology prevents scratches and cracks.

Camera (photo video)

Both the main paired and the front ones have 12 megapixel sensors. Both cameras have a night mode. They capture 27% more light, which allows you to take videos and photos without loss of quality, even in heavily shaded places. At the same time, the special Deep Fusion technology significantly increases the detail of the image. Video recording can be done in night time lapse mode. The Smart HDR 3 software application provides recognition of the main object in the frame and the concentration of attention on it, its selection. Which increases the realism of shooting photos and videos, the saturation of the picture. It is produced in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.


It is one of the most powerful at the time of the presentation of this line to the buyer. A14 Bionic can perform up to 11 trillion operations per second. Its other advantages include:

  • reduced power consumption;
  • high level of performance even in multitasking mode;
  • high-quality video shooting in the Dolby Vision standard. What even many professional video cameras cannot boast of;
  • able to perform complex arithmetic calculations.


Alsostands for its fairly long work in intensive mode (when watching videos and playing games) up to 15 hours in a row. The battery shows itself perfectly in streams - up to 10 hours in a row. And you can listen to music continuously up to 50 hours. All these possibilities are provided by high-quality lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2227 mAh. It can be recharged wirelessly using a charger:

  • 15W MagSafe;
  • Qi power 7.5W.

In normal mode, it is possible from an adapter or computer device via a USB port. In addition, you can replenish 50% of the device's charge in fast mode in 30 minutes, provided that you use an adapter with a power of 20 W or higher. It is not included, so you can buy it separately if needed.

Why buy an iPhone from us?

Buying an iPhone 12 mini BU is beneficial for a number of reasons. We sell low wear devices at a relatively low price. Often they are practically indistinguishable in appearance from new ones. At the same time, it is guaranteed to last for a long period of time. They became unclaimed by the previous owners because they purchased newer models of smartphones under this brand.

Even if they have minor flaws in the form of light, almost imperceptible abrasions, this does not affect their performance, power, and functionality in any way. Before selling, the company's employees carefully check and test smartphones under this brand, so you are guaranteed to receive a reliable and durable device.

We quickly respond to requests, process them promptly, and transfer the goods to the postal service for shipment to the buyer. If necessary, experienced store staff will provide extended advice and assistance in choosing.