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High-quality and reliable gadgets apple used

On the website of our online store there is a large selection of used Apple gadgets of the highest quality, with protection against counterfeiting and with a guarantee of functionality for many years of use.

Used Apple equipment boasts the following advantages:

  • 1. Reliable, fast, and most importantly, the exclusive iOS operating system, which works only in gadgets from Apple;
  • 2. An excellent camera that takes photos and videos with a quality that is not inferior to pictures from professional photographic equipment;
  • 3. Perfect display in all respects;
  • 4. Housing made of durable materials;
  • 5. Unique design that can make everyone fall in love with it.

Before going on sale, used Apple equipment, which is located on the virtual shelves of the online store, is carefully checked by experts. This is done for your confidence that even a used iPhone will not let you down after purchase.

All used gadgets are in excellent condition both externally and in system operation. They are difficult to distinguish from new analogues, but their cost is much lower, so everyone can become a member of the elite club - the owners of the already legendary Apple technology.

It is well known that the secret of Apple's success lies in the quality and reliability of technology, whether it's iPhone , iPad , " smart watch " or MacBook . According to the “price meets quality” rule, many coveted Apple brand products are simply not affordable. In this case, we advise you to pay attention to used Apple. Used equipment is almost as good as new, in most cases everything costs only minor defects in the external condition of the phone or tablet, but the functionality remains the same.

Apple not only created the most thoughtful, accurate and functional device, but also continues to improve it. Every year, she surprises her fans with new original ideas embodied in the new iPhone model. If a few years ago the fourth and fifth models seemed ideal to us, then the sixth generation completely captivated people who are versed in fashionable devices. Today, there are no analogues to this gadget on the international market, which is why it is the most desired and in demand in many countries. If people cannot afford to buy a new model, then they decide to buy a used iPhone. This is a wise and economical decision.

The cost of an iPhone is affected not only by its popularity and huge demand. First of all, this is the highest quality of its components, which does not change from the release of the very first model. In Ukraine, there are also many connoisseurs of this wonderful gadget, but, unfortunately, its price is too high for many. Almost everyone wants to be a user of such a phone, but only a select few can buy it. This does not mean that middle-income people should forget about their dream. The Bigmag online store offers them to buy a used iPhone, which retains not only all functional indicators, but also external aesthetics.

Why we recommend buying an iPhone

The most important advantage of our offers: value for money. We sell good, almost new used apple equipment at a price that is quite affordable for people with an average salary level. The availability and quality of components, as well as the authenticity of each gadget is checked and confirmed by our experts. Having made a decision on our website to buy an iPhone bu, you can be 100% sure that it will be the original.

Many of the phones we offer are indistinguishable from new ones. In 95% of cases, the previous owners sold them only because they wanted a newer version. We have almost all models of the popular gadget, each of which can be purchased in different colors. All their functions and applications are set up in the original form, just like in a new phone. The default settings have been saved. The amount of memory can be selected at your discretion. This will determine the final price.

Buying a used iPhone is a wise and adult decision. Everyone who earns money on their own knows their price well and does not want to waste it. Why pay twice as much if you can buy the same gadget with the same functionality at half price, and spend the remaining money on more necessary needs? For example, buying new appliances for your home or relaxing somewhere with your family, getting a lot of positive emotions and impressions that will be remembered for a lifetime. By the way, you can capture footage from this holiday on your iPhone, which has an excellent camera.

Purchase safety guaranteed!

Thanks to our online store, the world's most popular gadget is now available to you. We not only carefully check each unit of goods, but also provide a 3-month warranty for it. If you want to buy a used iPhone (Kyiv), don't worry about your mobile operator. Each model works perfectly with all mobile communication options available in Ukraine. Whatever card you have, the new gadget will accept it and instantly make incoming and outgoing calls. Additional offers

In addition to mobile phones, we also sell used Apple technology. Many already know that this company prefers not to cooperate with other manufacturers, often accessories of their own production are suitable for their gadget. Here you can find headphones, speakers and other devices from the "apple" brand at a good price, with which owning an iPhone will be even more comfortable. Among the products of our catalog are also protective attributes: covers and films on glass.

The best used equipment in Ukraine from the Big Mag online store

The main motto of our store: quality gadgets at a fair price. If you want to buy an iPhone used from us, it is not necessary to immediately place an order. You can first consult with our managers about the quality, functionality and appearance of a particular model. All our employees are more than competent in technical matters. You can ask them any question regarding our products. They will help you make a choice by choosing the perfect iPhone bu (Kyiv) for your functional wishes and financial capabilities.

In our online store, Kyiv can buy an iPhone with delivery on the same day, and residents of other cities will receive a parcel at Nova Poshta within 2-3 business days. Contact us and we will help you become the owner of an elite gadget, which is a pleasure to use!

Want to buy a used Apple? – Then hurry to Big Mag!

The Big Mag online store offers to buy an Apple used, including:

  • Everyone's favorite stylish and sophisticated Apple iPhone of all models: from the iPhone 4s to the latest sixth line of Apple phones;
  • Powerful and productive iPad of all models;
  • Apple Watch bu is a multifunctional addition to your iPhone;
  • Apple LED displays.

Apple technology will allow you to always keep abreast of events, be modern and advanced, because gadgets with an apple on the back are an indispensable accessory for people with a sense of style.

Big Mag offers the simplest and most favorable terms of purchase - high-quality equipment at an affordable price.

By making purchases in the online store, you also get:

  • Free consultations and assistance in choosing from Big Mag store managers;
  • Delivery on the day of the order in Kiev, and prompt delivery by Nova Poshta to all cities of Ukraine.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact the support service of the Big Mag online store.
  • Become the owner of elite gadgets from Apple, and the Big Mag store will be happy to help you with this!