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Warranty and returns

When buying a product in our stores, a guarantee is provided from 14 days to 12 months, depending on the product and the possibility of purchasing an extended store warranty. For new equipment, the standard warranty is 1 month, for used equipment, the warranty is 14 days. The seller's warranty card serves as confirmation of warranty obligations. The standard warranty for equipment is indicated on the website near the product card.

Benefits of our Store Extended Warranty

In our store you have the option of extending your standard warranty to an extended one:

  • When you buy a new Apple device from us, you have the option of extending the standard warranty by 1 year. Apple provides a 1-year warranty for its devices, but you should take into account the fact that there are no official Apple services in Ukraine, and if your device stops working, you need to send the device under warranty to Europe or America yourself. Sending the device will cost you an average of 4000 aed, and if the warranty period expires, you will have to pay for repairs. Our extended warranty covers all shipping and handling costs for Apple products.
  • In the case of Samsung appliances, you can extend the warranty for 1 year. Therefore, if your device stops working, we will fully repair the device in our services, thus saving you time and money.
  • Used appliances are also eligible for an extended 1 year warranty. If you purchased an extended warranty for a used product, then we repair it ourselves.

Additional Warranty Terms for Used Apple Products

  • The warranty does not cover components;
  • For the period of warranty repair, similar serviceable equipment is not issued;
  • A refund occurs if the device is completely out of order during the warranty period through no fault of the buyer and the BigMag service center cannot eliminate this error. In other cases, used equipment cannot be returned or exchanged.

The warranty is void if:

  • the safety of the warranty seals is broken;
  • there are mechanical or other damages that arose as a result of intentional or careless actions of the buyer or third parties;
  • the rules of use set forth in the operational documents are violated;
  • an unauthorized opening, repair or alteration of internal communications and components of the goods was made, the design or schemes of the goods were changed;
  • the serial or IMEI number stored in the product memory has been changed, deleted or cannot be set;
  • damage as a result of natural disasters (natural phenomena);
  • damage resulting from negligent attitude or use (non-compliance with the temperature regime, exposure to liquid, dust, mechanical damage, foreign objects getting inside the case);
  • damage caused by an emergency increase or decrease in voltage in the network;
  • damage or abnormal functioning of the product caused by programs;
  • damage or abnormal functioning of the product caused by the use of non-standard and (or) low-quality consumables, accessories, spare parts, batteries.

Terms of exchange and return of goods

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights", you can return or exchange goods within 14 working days from the date of purchase. Return or exchange of goods is allowed if the following conditions are met:

  • The product was not in use and has no signs of use: scratches, chips, abrasions, no more than 5 minutes of talk time on the phone counter, the software has not been changed, etc.;
  • The goods are fully completed and the integrity of the packaging is not violated;
  • All labels and factory markings are preserved.

Where is the equipment for warranty service accepted?

All equipment is accepted in the presence of a correctly completed warranty card, a receipt that confirms the purchase, goods, packaging and components for it in our stores in Kyiv and Kharkov. If you are in another city where there is no our store, the goods must be sent by "Nova Poshta".
Specify the details of the shipment by phone: 093 773 36 92

How long does it take to diagnose a product and repair under warranty

Diagnostics of goods under warranty takes from 3 to 14 business days. Defects and malfunctions that appeared through the fault of the manufacturer must be eliminated within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the goods for warranty repair. This period may be extended up to 28 working days if the failure requires the replacement of components that are currently out of stock. In case of revealing significant defects that arose through the fault of the manufacturer, in the product that you bought from us, or it failed due to the fault of the manufacturer and cannot be repaired at the service center, within the established warranty period, we will exchange the product for a similar or we will return the money.