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The Bigmag online store offers a large selection of original Apple branded equipment to the attention of visitors. Our service is of high quality (we sell only the original), products - performance, favorable price, warranty, complete set.

Apple Corporation is one of the largest American companies involved in the production of electronic equipment and computers. Products such as:

Apple accessories have also changed the face of computing forever, not only because of their useful benefits, but also because of their specific and unique aesthetics. Apple hardware has already set certain standards that other manufacturers are also striving for today.

Where to buy Apple equipment in Dubai?

The sale of original Apple devices is the main specialization of the BigMag company. We offer our customers the following benefits:

  • High quality of the products offered - we have only original products.
  • Large selection of apple technology of different price categories, original production, as well as models, etc.
  • Possibility of wholesale and retail sale.
  • Constant sales and promotions.
  • Delivery throughout UAE at competitive rates and in the fastest time up to 3 days.
  • You can exchange your old gadget for a new one with a small surcharge.
  • Reasonable prices. We adhere to justified pricing and do not make crazy markups on products.
  • Friendly service, professional advice, check for yourself.

Turning to us, you get a reliable and experienced partner in the sale of computer, telephone and other equipment under the EPL brand.

Benefits of Apple Technology

The apple brand technique is known throughout the world for a number of undoubted advantages, which, first of all, include the following parameters:

  • Excellent product quality. Reviews of real users say that the equipment of this manufacturer is characterized by reliability, functionality, and practicality. The company cares not only about meeting the needs of mankind, but also tries to introduce new technologies that were previously considered inaccessible or even unrealistic. The corporation employs only high-class specialists who strive to take Apple devices to a new level. It is worth noting that when purchasing equipment from this manufacturer, you can almost forever forget about repairs due to the wear of some parts.
  • Stylish product design. Each new invention of this star-bearing company is distinguished by its presentable appearance, beautiful shapes, and interesting solutions. Look at the photos of these amazing devices - they are suitable for both a successful businessman and a stylish girl, they are universal!
  • High performance. We will not talk for a long time about the powerful functionality of Apple devices, because every modern person knows about it. We just want to remind you that apple devices are equipped with powerful processors, RAM, capacious drives, long-lasting batteries and other equipment. They also contain a set of standard programs that satisfy almost all user needs (music players, movies, browsers, book readers, photo and text editors, games, etc.). Also, do not forget about the most perfect and advanced MacOS operating system, which has no equal on the entire planet.

When describing Apple technology in two words, the phrase "ideal for the user" is best suited.

Our online store offers to buy products of this manufacturer wholesale or retail.

The origins of Apple

The Apple brand is inextricably linked with two characters - Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. It was from them that the history of the company began, when in 1976 they decided to bring their ideas to life and founded a company together with Ronald Wayne, which was called Apple Computer Inc. Interestingly, at first the main office of this company was in Jobs' garage. The first "apple" product was created there - the personal computer Apple I, which was designed and built primarily by Steve Wozniak. With the presentation of the equipment, in April 1976 at the Homebrew Computer Club, located in Palo Alto, California, he gained notoriety.

A year later, the company was able to launch the Apple II, which was already in mass production. The new version of the computer was much easier to use and had a floppy drive.

Apple Computer Inc.'s strongest growth has been driven by superior quality and innovative products and technologies that attract new customers and retain existing ones. The first personal computer, which was designed primarily for business users, was launched in May 1980. It was equipped with a 2 MHz processor, 128 or 512 KB of RAM, and was sold with the advanced Sophisticated OS operating system.

In 1982, Steve Jobs was removed from the project by a decision of the company's board. Since then, the brand has been making Macintosh-based computers. In 1996, Apple acquired the NeXT company for $429 million. This deal was important for Steve Jobs because it allowed him to return to his own business, which entered a new era of development with his return. Entered the market IMAC - a revolutionary machine, and not only because of its capabilities, but also because of the distinctive aesthetics that stood out from the products of IBM's biggest competitor. In 1999, the first Apple laptop appeared, which was designed for ordinary users. The iBook portable computer repeated the success of the iMac. It is these two projects that have the greatest impact on subsequent products.

On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs announced that Apple intends to focus on the production of a new type of device - smartphones, thus introducing the first iPhone. While other touch screen devices can be found on the smartphone market, the Apple product was able to convince the audience mainly due to its innovative appearance, ease of use and aesthetic qualities. It was the same with the IPAD, which is also not a new device on the market, but has caused overwhelming public interest.

Currently, Apple Corporation is a key player in the personal computer and consumer electronics market. This is mainly due to Steve Jobs' policy of making existing things over again so that they are more user-friendly. It is products such as iMac, iPhone, iPad and iPod that gave impetus to the development of technologies, personal devices, which are almost indispensable for us today.